London is the fourth most expensive city in the world to live in.

The capital is surpassed only by Zurich and Geneva in Switzerland and Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands, according to a list compiled by website Expatistan.

Each city is given a numerical index rating based on the cost of food, clothing, transport, housing, personal care and entertainment.

Despite London’s notoriously high rents, the city is actually surpassed by several others on the lettings site, including San Fransisco and Hong Kong, which rank seventh and ninth overall respectively.

Other notable entries on the list include New York City (eighth), Paris (19th) and Berlin (91st).

London is, predictably, the UK’s priciest, with second place going to oil-rich Aberdeen. Worldwide the Scottish city comes in at 13th.

Many cities in the UK have been shown to be astonishingly cheap to live in – Hull for example is 43% cheaper than the capital and its housing costs are less than half that of London’s.

Up-and-coming Manchester meanwhile is 39% cheaper, while Birmingham (33%) and Leeds (35%) also enjoy significant savings.

Does anyone want to know what the cheapest city on the list is?

It’s Chisnau, Moldova (202nd), where the cost of living is less than a quarter of that in London – a month’s public transport there, for example, will cost you $7.

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