Rents in London rose faster in the year to March than they did over the same period to December last year 2014.

Private rental prices paid by tenants in the capital increased by 3.2% over the 12-month period, according to figures from the Office for National Statistics. The figure to December had been 3%.

And the ONS found London’s buoyant rental market was dragging up the national average with increases of 2.1%.

This ris means a property rented for £500 per month in March 2014 would now cost £510.50.

If you factor out London though, the picture is rosier for the rest of the British isles with tenants only having to contend with a 1.5% increase.

The trend was uniformally upwards however, with private rents growing by 2.1% in England, 2.1% in Scotland and 0.8% in Wales. Over the same period each of the nine English regions recorded rises with the largest in the South East (2.3%) and the East (1.9%) after London.

Rental price increases have been stronger in London than the rest of England since about January 2011.