Things have been hotting up in the London lettings market this summer.

That’s according to agent Johns and Co and its lettings manager for the east, Jay Clarke.

He said while the warmer weather and six-week school holidays slowed down the sales sector, it was the polar opposite when it came to landlords and tenants.

He said: “Rents have increased by about 2% on this time 12 months ago.

“The market is always very buoyant in the summer and it becomes extremely lively in August and September.

“Then you’ve got students added to the mix so there’s more demand for properties. Basically, you’ve got everyone who is usually looking as well as the students.

Canary Wharf in particular is very popular with international students as it’s very modern.

“A lot of tenants come from Hong Kong and China and it’s very similar with the high rises.”