The London housing crisis is deepening amid concerns about the availability and quality of homes, according to the latest Homeowner Survey.

The poll conducted by Yougov found that 75% of Londoners were concerned about their ability to get a mortgage and 88% were worried about prices.

This was contrary to a rising appetite among UK residents to own their home with 73% of non-homeowners wanting to buy, up from 65% in 2013.

Homeowners Alliance chief executive Paula Higgins said: “Despite a blizzard of government initiatives aimed at helping homeowners, the housing crisis is deepening across the country, with ever more non-homeowners wanting their own home, and ever greater concern about the lack of housing.

“Many government policies have boosted demand for homes, but what this survey shows is that the real problem is the desperate shortage of houses.

“Until the Government tackles the fundamental issue that we just don’t have enough good quality homes, the housing crisis will continue to deepen and a generation will continue to have their dreams of home ownership crushed.”

While the desire to own is rising, the ability for first-time buyers to get on the housing ladder and save for a deposit remained the top concerns nationally – 82% and 80% respectively said these were serious problems.

There was a drop in concern about the rates of Stamp Duty, in the wake of government reform of the system.

BLP Insurance chief executive Kim Vernau said: “We are now at a critical juncture for the construction industry and housing market.

“The Government urgently needs to speed up the delivery of new homes for aspiring first-time buyers.

“Tenures of all types are required across the country and affordable housing and social housing should also be a priority.

“Balancing these competing demands is a challenging task, particularly given the shortage of labour skills that we are currently witnessing in the construction industry.

“This is likely to get worse in the absence of key initiatives to help address this critical issue and the new Housing and Planning Bill and threat of a potential Brexit could tilt the construction labour market even further off balance.”