Limehouse can be overlooked within London’s property market, but just 10 minutes’ walk from Canary Wharf, it can be a perfect place to buy if you’re working on the estate.

Limehouse Basin-based Hurford Salvi Carr’s sales manager Sebastian Sookermany talks though the benefits of buying in the area.

He said: “The area is great for second time buyers who work in the City and Canary Wharf, as both are within easy reach from here.

Hurford Salvi Carr's Sebastian Sookermany

“Buying here is seen as a good investment as there’s not much room for new developments, so property prices hold their own and increase because of that. Last year we saw a 25-30% increase in some parts. People see Limehouse as being very residential with a village feel – there’s a great atmosphere here with favourite parts of the area being Narrow Street and Limehouse Basin. There are also some great pubs and restaurants.”

Sebastian also offered advice on how to speed up the buying process if you’re looking to move up the ladder.

“What can be useful is getting a solicitor that knows the area that you’re buying in as they will be familiar with specifics.

“For example, in Limehouse Basin you pay a basin charge rather than a ground rent. If a solicitor already knows that, it can speed things up.”

Two-bed property in Berglen Court, costing £625,000

For those looking right now, Sebastian suggests a property in Berglen Court for second-time buyers.

He said: “The property is a two-bed, two-bathroom home, with an open plan kitchen and reception room.

“It has basin views, a private balcony, access to a communal garden and a 24-hour porter service – plus it’s very secure.”

The property is currently on the market for £625,000.

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