Life Residential is offering clients the chance to take a tour around properties before entering them.

Virtual Walkthrough allows prospective buyers or renters the chance to experience the space, size, and specification of a given property without having to leave their home.

The estate agency, which has offices in Hong Kong, South Africa and Singapore has approximately 220 properties for sale in London, with prices ranging from £150,000 to more than £3.5million, as well as around 320 rental properties.

Click here to virtually 'walk' through a Hackney property.

Life Residential director of residential sales Scott Ayliffe said: “Life Residential are keen to embrace the advantages of this new technology as these days, it is very limiting to rely solely on the traditional estate agency tools of still photography, floor plans and occasional video.

Still of the Virtual Walkthrough technology

“None of these options provide this kind of leisurely, detailed tour, which will fully showcase each of our properties to the nth degree to our client’s prospective buyers.

“Many of our customers also purchase their properties off-plan, so the Virtual Walkthrough technology provides a whole extra level in terms of the information we can provide them with.”

Virtual Walkthrough chief commercial officer James Morris-Manuel said: “A walkthrough greatly enhances the buyer experience, in terms of the quality and level of detail available on an asset, and allows the property to be slickly marketed in the most compelling way possible on a tablet or computer screen.”