Anna Kind’s career break - switching the buzz of the property sector for real-world living - lasted a mere four months.

Though it wasn’t a heavyweight estate agent that lured her back into the lettings fold.

It was former contact John Morley - and his thriving 15-month-old firm Johns&Co - where she believed her 20-year experience in overseas investments and new builds could shine.

Specialising in managing properties on the luxury side of the scale, with Ballymore schemes 21 Wapping Lane and New Providence Wharf on its books, the firm’s focus on a “personal touch” was also key.

“When John asked me to join, one of the key things was we shared the same vision,” she said.

“He had many years experience with his Ballymore hat on and I had new build with the lettings side, and it was a perfect fit really.

“We are different from the large corporates.

“They tend to do everything, because they have strength in numbers, but you can have property managers who don’t know what a property looks like.

“It’s our ethos to always have a property manager at the end of an elevator and we can afford to do that because our offices are always on-site at developments initially.”

She added: “The personal touch is somewhere I have come from.

“There are clients in Singapore that are like adopted parents to me - they send me postcards and whenever they come to London we’ll meet up for dinner.

“It’s nice to retain that.”

This proactive - rather than reactive - approach to the needs of Johns&Co’s clients includes Property Health Checks on stock on which sales are due to complete.

The aim? To see how older apartments at schemes like New Providence Wharf can be spruced up to compete with fresh releases, enhancing the experience for tenants.

The soft launch of Johns&Co’s DETAILS app - a concierge-style service where tenants can arrange to have their laundry taken care of and flat cleaned within 24 hours - is another plus for those at 21 Wapping Lane.

Anna said this focus on landlords and tenants had yielded results.

Renewal rates for Johns&Co stock are currently at 80 per cent - 20 per cent ahead of the industry average.

Company expansion - as well as maintaining customer service - is also on Anna’s agenda.

This year, there’s the next stage of completions at New Providence Wharf to tackle while a 2,500sqft office at Embassy Gardens in Nine Elms is in the fit-out stages.

A new office for Ballymore’s Royal Wharf scheme in Docklands as well as a presence in Canary Wharf are both in the 2016 diary.

Anna said: “Having been fortunate enough to work with different developers in my career I can honestly say, with Embassy Gardens and Royal Wharf, it is going to the next level.

“When you go into Embassy Gardens in particular, it’s just ‘wow’.

“It feels opulent and built with the future in mind.

“It’s exciting to be part of a brand that’s really prepared to push forward but with customer service

“We have started in a small way but now it’s watch this space.”

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