The luxurious layout of Sardinian pad Villa Amoras is said to have inspired the villain’s lair in James Bond flick The Spy Who Loved Me.

And with the trailer for the latest 007 movie Spectre just released, now seems an appropriate time to give it the once over.

On the market with Beauchamp Estates for £10.62million, Canary Wharf workers will need a pretty hefty bonus to invest if they’re to secure it as a home.

But we can all dream, so here are a five features that might make you get your mortgage broker on the blower.

1. Let’s start with the swimming pool.

This is no ordinary paddling place.

This passes through the entire house, with the water visible through the glass flooring in the living space, and means the lucky homeowner can front crawl from one end of the villa to the other.

Better get those Daniel Craig-style tight trunks at the ready.

2. Al fresco adventures

The extensive gardens offer sea views from the terrace with a partly-covered bar and deck area so you can sip on a Martini – shaken not stirred – as the sun sets. There’s also ample opportunity, if you’re an evil genius to post henchmen to deter those pesky MI6 officers. An outdoor kitchen and covered dining area provide a place to entertain your fellow master criminals or guests.

Villa Amoras, Sardinia

3. Glass-walled living space

Chic and modern, this open-plan living and dining area provides 1,500sq ft of relaxation space – perfect for chilling out in after an action-packed day.

The waves of the swimming pool lap calmly underneath while the high vaulted ceiling – with a design inspired by the hull of a boat – rises above. We’re not suggesting you get a couple of sharks for the pool but they would be, well, in keeping.

4. Space to escape

Should you have an unwanted guest – or need extra quarters for Q and his remarkable array of gadgets – the villa boasts two additional buildings.

These are connected to the main house and offer three bedrooms all with en suites and a walk-in wardrobe.

5. In a snazzy Sardinian resort

Your Bond girl’s bored by Jeremy Kyle on the telly and wants to go out. No problem, the nearby Costa Smeralda resort isn’t far. Just make sure you don’t go for a lady named Esmerelda to avoid confusion.

The resort is fashionable, glamorous and frequently attracts celebrities such as George Clooney and Simon Cowell to its shores. Perhaps take your Walther PPK to deal with the latter.