For sale in E13


Average no. of homes sold near Boleyn Ground a year

Trinity Mirror Data Unit

West Ham fans won't have to wait too long if they want to move near their club's ground.

Over the last 20 years 3,337 homes have been sold in the E13 9 postcode area in which West Ham's ground is located.

That works out at an average of 167 every year in an area that stretches from Upton Park station in the north to Newham University Hospital in the south.

Of course, in the next couple of years there'll be 800 new homes for sale in and around the ground – but the ground won't be there. West Ham move to the Olympic Stadium in the summer of next year.

The club has sold the ground to Galliard Homes, which is planning a “village” of 838 homes in blocks up to 15 storeys high. The move is not without controversy because just 6% will be affordable – 51 units – and there is no mention of social housing in the application.

Meanwhile Crystal Palace are the Premier League club with the most home sales in its postcode area over the last 20 years.

A total of 4,979 sales occurred during the period, an average rate of 249 a year.

That's followed by Hull (4,432 sales), Burnley (3,347), West Ham (3,337) and Stoke (2,798).
The area with the fewest sales is that surrounding Southampton. Just 380 sales were recorded in the last 20 years in the SO14 5 area.

The Saints are followed by Manchester City (723 sales), West Brom (917), Newcastle (1,184) and Arsenal (1,259).