A giant water feature with jumping fountains is about to be added to the London Dock development in Wapping.

Gauging Square will be the centrepiece of the 1,800 home development and is inspired by the famous Miroir d’eau in Bordeaux - the word’s largest reflecting pool

It is due to be unveiled by developer St George in September, setting the scene for the “commercial heart and soul” of the site said sales and marketing director Neil Bowron.

The ground floors of the buildings that will eventually surround it will be filled with shops, restaurants and cafes to encourage the flow of pedestrians through the site and help “reconnect” it with the rest of Wapping for the first time in 200 years.

Two hundred years ago the square was bustling with workers weighing and measuring the goods coming into the docks. They included bear’s grease, said to be a remedy for bald heads, aloe of penguin, truffles, diamonds, giraffes and even the occasional elephant.

The fascinating history is being captured by artist Gordon Young in granite markers etched with some of the items.

They will be added to the development as it is built, eventually forming a series of visual markers through the new district.

“We wanted to have something fun to capture the history,” said Neil.

By the end of the 10 project 10 buildings will stand on the former home of Rupert Murdoch’s News International printing press - including the existing Pennington Street Warehouse which is being transformed into a space for retail, restaurants, galleries and offices.

On average there are 400 people working at London Dock at any one time and St George said each home it delivers creates or sustains 5.6 jobs.

It has also supported 43 apprenticeships in a variety of trades including plumbing, carpentry and surveying and 20 people have completed work placements.

Three buildings - Clipper Wharf, Admiral Wharf and Alexander Wharf- have already been built on the 15 acre site and the first resident have moved in.

The latest raft of homes released for sale are in Emery Wharf which is due for completion in 2019.

Neil said the building would form a statement at the Vaughan Way entrance to the site and the homes would be “funky with a Shoreditch vibe”.

“This part of London is creeping forward,” he added.”

“The cobbles of Brick Lane are close by for a night out or you can be in the city with ease.”

The trendy streets of Shoreditch are in fact a 24 minute walk away according to Google Maps and Tower Hill Station a 13 minute stroll.

Canary Wharf meanwhile is around 25 minutes away via a 15 minute walk to Shadwell DLR.

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