In a world where there's so much post before the irony even Royal Mail staff have trouble sorting out true meaning, a trend emerges.

We're now in the era of the viral property advert.

Forget showing off your home's unique selling points.

Celebrate its bad ones. Underwhelm. Poke fun.

Estate agent Luis Swarovski struck gold with his latest Gumtree ad.

What does his decision to post “S**t room for rent in east London!!! £120pw” as a headline on the site tell us about the capital's property market?

Does it indicate agents know there are so many desperate Londoners they're certain of a tenant however they present a property?

Have we sunk so far s**t rooms in Mile End are the only option?

No. What it tells us is that while Mr Swarovski might sound like an imitation Diamond Geezer, he is in fact very sharp.

He knows posting something viral-friendly like this is likely to result in, at the very least, a bunch of social media shares about the Tower Hamlets flat.

Even better – the Evening Standard picked it up and now I've been suckered into writing about it.

Expect a rash of similar posts. Soon landlords on Gumtree will be competing to make their properties sound nastier and grimier. Grimmer and grimmer pictures will appear. Remember the shed with a bed?

I wonder how long it will be before we get a shot of a dingy room with a corpse on the bed and the description “recently vacated”?

It's subversive too.

Not only does the approach push a property out to the media, it smooths the grease of honesty on the lens, implying the owner has nothing to hide and isn't trying to sell you a pup.

Between the lines Luis is saying: “I'm not like all the other agents, I'm giving it to you straight.”

Except he's not. Even the advert admits: “Obviously, if you're interested we will change everything for you.”

Sold not as seen.

Full marks Mr Swarovski, the internet has done your marketing for you.