Pampered pooches are pushing up prices in London’s lettings market.

Breeds ranging from hand-bag sized chihuahuas to Labradoodles and greyhounds are leaving their pawprints on the rental sector and forcing their owners to stump up more rental cash according to a study by EJ Harris

The scarcity of London flats whose leases allow pets means there are price premiums of around £25,000 on deposits for the handful of homes that do permit dogs.

The lack of animal-friendly housing – coupled with a celebrity trend for smaller breeds – has left renters feeling the burn in their wallet.

EJ Harris’ Pets And Pads survey revealed a total of 30% of tenants seeking a flat to let in the capital had a four-legged friend co-habitee.

This compares to the situation a decade ago, when virtually no renters had dogs.

The agency’s managing director Elizabeth Harris said: “We have seen a significant rise in the number of dog owning tenants looking for private rental accommodation in central London.

“These tenants want luxury pads situated close to Hyde Park or Regent’s Park, where they can regularly take their pets for walks. Despite the stigma surrounding tenancies with pets, in our experience people who own dogs make for reliable and responsible tenants who take good care of the property and keep their pets pampered and well trained.

“We always advise dog-owning tenants to create a pet CV that provides a detailed description of the pet and outlines key facts regarding behavior, health and grooming that can help alleviate the landlord’s concerns.”

The study revealed 40% of apartments in prime central London had banned pets, with the imbalance prompting huge price premiums.

For a one-bedroom flat in Central London available to rent for £500 a week, the typical non-pet six-week deposit amounted to £3,000. But for those who had a dog the cost was £5,000.

The extra cash is usually to cover any unforeseen damage to the homes caused by the animal.