A: I understand you enjoy the flexibility of renting but it doesn’t make sense financially if you can afford to buy.

I would get yourself in front of an independent financial advisor and get that mortgage arranged pronto.

Mortgage rates are still ridiculously low and there are some really great fixed deals around at the moment.

Owning your own home will mean you are not only repaying the mortgage off month by month but your property will also accumulate capital growth.

As long as you invest wisely and buy in a growing area you are set to make a healthy profit by just owning rather than renting without doing very much at all.

You won’t be saying goodbye to flexibility either. There are lots of options open to owners.

You can always sell, pocket the profit and move on. You can also rent the property out.

That way you continue to benefit from further capital growth within your investment and collect rental income, which could mean you completely cover your mortgage and other expenses on the property.

Then you’re free to rent something else if you want.