Despite the proliferation of towers springing up across the Isle Of Dogs the course of redevelopment doesn’t always run smooth.

Applications to build various tall structures at 225 Marsh Wall, for example, have yet to result in agreement on an actual building.

Last time round developer Cubitt Property Holdings withdrew its application for a 56-storey structure split into 414 flats before Tower Hamlets Council could reject the 611ft tall proposal, in June 2016, on account of its lack of family housing .

A quick search online reveals much to and fro on the site with objections and remedies from the Mayor Of London on various applications dating back to at least 2008 .

Following the summer setback, Cubitt has re-grouped with architect Make (which is also behind 53-storey neighbour The Madison and the plans that were withdrawn) to come up with an alternative.

It has now filed a fresh application for a tower, following a consultation, that has a completely different exterior design and is 23m shorter than the previous plans.

Left, The Madison (also designed by Make), with 225 and Dollar Bay behind

The 49-storey proposal comprises 336 flats and, according to Make a “reduced sense of monolithicity” with an emphasis on a slender profile.

Should it be built, its top would sit lower than the top of The Madison to the west but higher than the recently topped out Dollar Bay to the east.

The application would also see new community space created and provide a commercial unit suitable for a restaurant, small shop or a cafe. Of its 336 properties, 272 will be for private sale with 147 one-beds, 112 two-beds and 11 three-beds.

Alongside these, 40 of the units will be for social rent, with half of those being three-beds or larger. The final 24 homes will likely be earmarked for Shared Ownership or intermediate market rent.

In contrast to the grey, stepped structure previously proposed the new plans feature green and white cladding with copper details, most notably around the base of the tower in a lattice pattern inspired by the rigging of ships and the outlines of dockside cranes.

Human scale

An artist's impression showing 225's new podium designed to put the development on more of a 'human scale'

Make says this podium level is intended to allay concerns about the size of the development and the “need to maintain a human scale”.

The firm said in a statement: “Our proposal will provide a high-quality, residential-led mixed use development. The proposal consists of 336 apartments in a 49 storey tower, including integrated on-site affordable homes and amenities.

“The proposal gives over 50% of the site to public open space. It is a key part of the Marsh Wall masterplan study area and has been identified as suitable for a tall building.

“It will establish an intermediate scale between the taller Canary Wharf cluster to the north and other tall buildings to the south and along with other proposals for the area will provide better permeability and better access to the waterfront. We feel the proposals have directly responded to previous feedback.”

The building will replace a low-rise office block dating from the first flush of redevelopment in Docklands.

More details of the proposal still available on the development's consultation website .

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