Prindiville Marine is offering a range of houseboats with moorings in St Katharine Docks and Limehouse Marina.

The custom-built widebeam barges measure 60ft long and are based on hand-crafted Sheffield Keel hulls, created by a specialist British boat builder.

According to Prindiville, the floating apartments offer the comfort and modern conveniences found within traditional bricks and mortar dwellings but with the added flexibility of transportation.

The barges include a master bedroom, a second bedroom, a kitchen area, a living room and saloon, as well as an outdoor seating area located near the driving controls.

The interior of a Prindiville Marine houseboat

The décor of Prindiville Marine’s Luxury Floating Apartments can be customised with options including sophisticated entertainment and telecommunication systems. All the boats feature facilities for mains water and electricity supplies.

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For those who want to explore the waters in their vessel there are a range of propulsion units available.

In an interview with the Royal Yachting Association aboard one of the houseboats, founder and CEO Alex Prindiville said: “These are city apartment type affairs and the idea is for a couple or a young professional to live on in the week or just use it as a crash pad in London.

“They really are a home from home. Our sales model is a fully functioning boat, 90bhp engine, large water tanks, large sewage tanks so you can stay on it and be completely self-sufficient.

Alex Prindiville, founder and CEO

“If you compare it to something like a small apartment, you’ve got more room on one of these than you do in a £700,000 flat in London.

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“If you’re downsizing from a house then this is an ideal opportunity. If you’ve got a business and need an office in London then this could become that office.”

The floating apartments are available for £300,000.

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