Do you clamber just a single flight of stairs to reach your apartment?

If so, you’re living life at the most popular level in London.

A survey by luxury estate agency Rokstone found the first floor was the most desired location for those buying new homes in the capital.

Just under two thirds of its clients and contacts – whose buying patterns generated the results – said they would prefer a pad up a single storey.

Meanwhile, 30% said they would settle for either the second or third floor. Only 5% wanted a penthouse, a flat on the ground floor or in a basement.

Rokstone managing director Becky Fatemi said: “Just under 55% of all homes across London are apartments making it the most popular type of home in the capital.

“Our research has shown that some apartment hunters care very much about which floor they live on and so limit their search accordingly.

“However by not being open minded a flat hunter can miss out on a spectacular home or opportunity.

“This is why I always advise my clients there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to which floor is best in an apartment building. In my view each option has its perks.”

As well as pinpointing the preferred floor of a development, Rokstone’s survey reviewed the relative price premium of each tier and their individual selling points.

It discovered first floor flats had a 50% price premium over others in a typical five-level apartment building.

Those on the second floor were recorded as having no difference while homes on the third were worth 30% less.

This means for a £1.4million two-bedroom apartment in prime central London, a first floor option would be valued at £1.82million, a home on the second floor at £1.4million and a top floor pad for £980,000.

But the estate agent was keen to stress a variety of other factors came into play that could affect the allure of an apartment floor.

These included gardens and outdoor space, high ceilings and the prestige attached to being king of the castle in a top-floor penthouse.