Estate agency Felicity J Lord is using the latest technology to target potential customers through their social media profiles.

Analysis tool Flink collects data from a possible client's social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Google Adverts, and then selects the property most likely to suit their profile.

Flink learns as it goes, and the more people who click on an advert, or ignore it, the better it is able to select who to direct the adverts at.

Felicity J Lord operations manager Tom Hughes, said the program was particularly suited to targeting the passive buyer who isn’t actively looking to move but would consider it if the right property came along.

He said: “If we had a two-bedroom house to sell, that would normally be appealing for first-time buyers or investors or downsizers.

“So we can write three different types of text, and each will multiply itself by the number of images we take of the property. So for example, that might generate 72 different adverts. Flink then takes an imprint of who is doing what on these social media sites and, if you click on one of these adverts, it will find other people like you to target the same advert to.

"All these social media channels have a number of targeting methods for their users. Flink adds in more intelligent information to what Facebook is already doing and works in real time to improve itself.

"Instead of telling the public what they want, we are now letting them see what they want. It’s not a case of the buyer finding the property but the property finding the buyer.

"People tend to get more invested in the buying process, because it feels to them like fate has presented them with their perfect home.”

Tom also said Flink was not an invasive style of marketing.

He said: “We have sent out adverts that have targeted millions of people in their Facebook feeds and we haven’t had a single complaint.

“It uses data in a very intelligent way. Some people might say it’s like Big Brother but I just say it’s relevant to the audience.

"Would you rather see lots of adverts about things that are irrelevant to you, or just get one or two about something that is? It’s the final piece of the puzzle.”

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