Experience in the property sector coupled with puzzles and a penchant for Sex And The City sparked Sally Wang’s first foray into the world of publishing.

The director of SJW UK Property Investment Ltd has put the finishing touches to her first book Buy Smart, released on October 6.

Sally moved to the UK from China 14 years ago and, before going solo, worked with a host of Chinese investors keen to get involved in teh London market while at SINA Overseas Properties UK.

But it was the stress she was subject to during what she calls a “not very pleasant” buying process in Northampton that has inspired her guide. Like Carrie Bradshaw in the TV series, she was driven to help others with her story.

Sally said: “There was a side of me that was trying to write something to share my experience.

“And once you start working in property you have this urge to use your own experiences, to share your knowledge and to tell people what you know.

“You need to get it right when buying a property in the UK – it isn’t like buying a Chinese lettuce, where you go in the shop then out.

“In China, there’s a saying, which is if you buy something you can have it forever.

“With property, you can move on - but this is helping make the buying process smooth and enjoyable.”

The guide – to be released in her native country next year – is particularly aimed at Chinese buyers hoping to invest in the UK.

Many are looking to east London, with a flurry of Chinese business activity around the Royal Docks.

She said these buyers were often seen as difficult and indecisive, struggling with language and cultural barriers and a tendency to shop around.

Common concerns for them include agents running off with money or a reluctance to transfer legal fees to a solicitor.

Split into three parts and 10 chapters the book divides buying into three simple stages – Beginning, You’re Doing This and Afterwards.

Opening chapter All About You asks the buyer a host of questions that need to be addressed before they set foot inside an estate agents. There’s even a chunk entitled How to Stay Sane.

Sally said her book would equally apply to all overseas and first-time buyers as well as those in the industry dealing with the queries.

“There are a lot of things that seem to be common sense but a lot of people still need to be advised about,” she said.

“The simple questions and the solutions make the difference.

“Overseas and first-time buyers can become overwhelmed and really stressed out.

“With this book readers being given tips no-one else knows so they can anticipate – they know what happens next.

“The book shows buyers exactly what will happen between when they put down the reference fee until completion. And, when they get stuck, they will know why and what to do about it.”

Buy Smart is released on the UK market on October 6. It will be published in China next year.

Available on Amazon, Kindle and at Waterstones priced at £8.99.