Has east London’s property sector reached breaking point?

Perhaps so, if a sofa housed in a shed and stashed in the corner of a communal living room comes with a £480 a month price tag.

The room rental - posted as an advert on spareroom.co.uk - was part of an advert for a new “laid back, happy go lucky type” housemate in the Bethnal Green flat share.

It had been classed as the biggest room in the East End pad with the message adding it “come with a sofa, which means sharing with the rest of us sometimes.”

And what’s more, the cost of household bills would mean a monthly outgoing of more than £500 for the rather exposed living space.

The message caught the attention of 22-year-old Joe Peduzzi who viewed the property, expecting to be greeted with a double room.

He told The Mirror: “I was laughing to myself down the road back to the tube.”

The advert has since been taken down as the website said it breached rules with regard to housemates walking through bedrooms to access communal space.