Greenwich, Tower Hamlets and Newham are among the London boroughs failing to hit housing targets.

The report - called Carrot and Sticks - calls for the Mayor of London to be given new powers to strip councils of planning decision-making where they fail to hit housing targets.

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New analysis for the study shows only 18 out of 33 London boroughs met or exceeded their annual targets between 2010 and 2013.

Tower Hamlets met 63% of its 3-year target, Newham met 42.3% and Greenwich met 40.8%.

However, our boroughs aren’t anywhere near as bad as Kensington and Chelsea borough, which only delivery 5.3% of its three-year target.

Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners managing director James Fennell said: “There are plenty of people wanting to buy – if we make it easier and more attractive for them to do so without building significantly more new homes then this will just fuel demand and push up prices, making the problem even worse.

“We must address supply but, simply put, the incentives to London’s boroughs to accommodate more homes are just too weak at present.

“Introducing a new financial incentive to encourage boroughs to support more homes in their area could help deliver a step-change in housebuilding. Likewise, where boroughs continually fail to meet their housebuilding targets, the Mayor should be given new planning powers to kick start development.”