“A canapé isn’t just food,” said Mark Maher of Boulevard Events . “It’s a work of art. It’s an entire dish in one tiny bite, and the harder it is to create, the better it is.”

Mark, who runs the firm as events director alongside his brother Daniel, believes every canapé should have a story to tell. He’s particularly proud of one of the firm’s creations, Hunter’s Gathering, which is based around things that people can forage or hunt, including venison, wild mushrooms and blackberries placed within a hunter’s basket of crispy potato.

He said: “You take this very small thing, and get the most flavours you can into it and you have to really be able to hit the palate in just one bite to tell your story.

“That’s the heart of it. We take a lot of pride in our canapés.”

The catering company, which supplied all the food at The Wharf Property Awards 2017 , began as family restaurant The Boulevard, first opened by the Maher parents 30-years-ago in Victoria Park.

Mark and Dan in their parents' restaurant

In 2002 the family branched into delivery catering, travelling around Canary Wharf, the Docklands and Hackney to deliver business lunches and, in 2008, events catering company Boulevard Events was born.

Mark said: “Events catering is much more fun. The business is doing well and it’s what we love – it’s become what we are really good at.

“I really love working with my family but you definitely have to be a certain type of family to be able to do it.

“Me and my brother get on really well now because we argued constantly throughout our whole childhood.

“So any workplace bickering between us now is fine and we don’t mind or take it personally.

“If you have the type of relationship with your family where you never argue and it’s all sunshine and rainbows and then you try and work together in a pressurised environment, that would be when you have a problem.”

Rather than change its menu depending on the season, the Hackney-based catering company offers a standard menu but makes changes depending on what its clients want, including writing entirely new bespoke menus for each event if necessary.

Anyone for dessert?

Mark said: “We didn’t want to just write a new menu every few months and then solidly stick to that.

“We’re more than happy to have a conversation with a customer and write a bespoke menu if they want something different to what we offer. It’s the best way to please everyone.

“Catering is one of the main things people remember from an event. The venue and entertainment are important too, but catering is definitely the underestimated element of organising an event. That’s why we do what we can to make sure it’s perfect.”

Boulevard Events won the Square Meal Canapé Cup in 2014 and 2015, and were highly commended in the Event Awards 2016 for Caterer of the Year.

The firm is available for a wide range of corporate bookings.

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