Following the launch of the first homes on the Canary Wharf estate we caught up with the sales team to find out a little more about what buyers can expect.

Canary Wharf Group’s head of residential sales Brian De’ath said: “The development will have streets with a variety of shops from markets, to fashion stores and you will really get to feel like you have avenues and high streets that you can wander with a cup of coffee and window shop with friends.

“We’re still working on the exact type of retail, but this will definitely complement our current offering and provide a diverse range of independent and international fashion and lifestyle brands, which we hope will appeal to everyone.”

The estate will also get more gardens and parks as part of the development and a boardwalk.

Brian added: “We have tailored the apartments at 10 Park Drive so there is space, light and functionality, but also offering high quality design and build."