Canary Wharf’s first batch of prospective homeowners can soon register interest in the initial phase of apartments to be built on the estate.

Landlords Canary Wharf Group (CWG) teamed up with Mycoocoon’s colour therapy installation for the launch of the marketing suite, in Jubilee Place Mall, which will open on Monday.

The system can be booked and tried by visitors this weekend.

The pod revealed how Wharfers could trade in their average 30-minute commute for rathermore relaxing activities - such as the soothing shades and sounds of the device - should they call the eastern side of the Wharf home.

A survey linked to the installation’s colours revealed 77 per cent of blue Londoners believed they would be happier if they lived closer to the office.

More than a quarter had shown a red streak and fiery temper while commuting while 30 per cent said they would use the time saved for meet-ups with family and friends.

CWG’s residential offering of 3,200 apartments - in a series of blocks ranging up to 58 storeys - will spring up on the site formerly known as Wood Wharf.

Phase one will see 343 properties on the market and the estate expanded by an additional 22 acres, to a total of 119 acres.

CWG’s head of residential sales Brian De’ath told The Wharf: “Canary Wharf has done something glorious for the past 25 years.

“Rather than living on past glories its expanding with something new which I think is very exciting.

“Londoners say their ideal commute would be 30 minutes but what would be better is no commute at all.

“These findings demonstrate why CWG has taken the decision to deliver homes on the estate.

“Living at Canary Wharf would help improve the work life balance and residents will benefit from the ever expanding range of shops, bars, restaurants and entertainment venues that are here.”

Mycoocoon cofounder Valerie Corcias added: “Our installation supports the launch of Canary Wharf’s residential and illustrates how to bring wellness to people with an active lifestyle, providing a harmonious balance that you can get if you did live closer to where you work.”

Additional facilities include a new primary school as well as retail and office space as well as the arrival of Crossrail services in 2018.

A chunk of homes in the tallest tower will also be dedicated for families.

Talking of the marketing suite, decked out with light-up models and TV screens, Brian said: “There are 105,000 people working here - I’m sure they would like to know what opportunities there are for investment, pied-a-terre or living on the estate.

“We are not opening it 20 minutes before we start selling, and while the brochures are still wet.

“Because we manage everything we are in control of the same space and this unit became available for us to use now.”

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Londoners will be able to book in for a relaxation session in the mycoocoon by tweeting @yourcanarywharf with the hashtag ‘#wakeupincanarywharf’ to book a slot.

Opens from noon until 4pm until Sunday.

A Mycoocoon costs £19,000, go to .


Brian said: “The thing which does it for me [sells the residential aspect] is it will mean crossing a physical bridge joining the residential to the offices.

“That’s a natural distinction - people think ‘I’m employed when I’m not on the island, and the island is where I live.

“When I cross the bridge, I can switch into work mode’.

“When people think of a bridge crossing, like the Millennium Bridge, there’s something nice about ti.

“And why wouldn’t you want to live on an island?”