“Property wishlists are like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get next,” says Marsh and Parsons’ CEO Peter Rollings.

But chances are the features sought by London buyers on the hunt for luxury are more akin to the contents of a Charbonnel et Walker collection rather than a Cadbury’s Milk Tray according to his firm’s recent report.

The agency, which specialises in prime properties, has revealed examples of extravagance requested by buyers in the capital including “outlandish buyer requests” for helipads, panic rooms and car galleries to display personal collections of motors.

Its recent report found basement squash courts, recording studios and swimming pools were common must-haves for those seeking prime London homes, while the top design feature requested was wooden flooring.

Peter said: “No matter what your budget when looking for a new home, there are some fundamentals that are ubiquitous.

“Being close to shops, parks and tube stations are the ultimate must-haves, but many London buyers have to compromise on one or more of these asks, as such optimal locations come with a price-tag to match.”

Other popular features included temperature-contolled wine cellars and log burners. More than a quarter of buyers said integrated audio-visual systems were a necessity.

Peter said: “Some buyers and tenants come to us with very unusual and specific requests, but luckily London’s rich and varied housing stock provides a wealth of choice, and properties to suit even the most particular of tastes, from staff quarters to tree-lined driveways.

“But no matter how lavish the requirements, chances are that we’ll have fielded a similar enquiry before.”