Fancy a Ferrari this Christmas?

Then why not plump for the cream of the supercar crop, LaFerrari.

If you’re a Canary Wharf worker with cash to splash, or are looking to make an investment in motors, Prindiville founder Alex Prindiville believes the limited-edition release is a top choice.

The firm, a specialist in premium car sales and brokerage, opened its second east London showroom in October.

Here, we chat to Alex about the 2015 model leaving others in its tracks before giving our take on the in-car experience.

So tell us all about LaFerrari.

It’s Ferrari’s flagship car.

There were only 499 made and you had to be invited to purchase one, and you also had to show you had five more Ferraris in the collection.

They were really only sold to heads of state, VIPs and popstars.

This one is a brand new 2015 version and its unregistered.

It costs £2.5million plus tax and can reach speeds of up to 230mph.

They are just phenomenal cars - and they’re perfect for cruising around Monaco.

There’s even enough room for your Louboutins in the front.

Why’s it here in the East End?

Prindiville specialises in sourcing and selling very rare and investment vehicles and this is one of those.

We launched our new showroom in Limehouse last month and off the back of that we sold our first car, and this is the second.

Many supercar dealers claim they have the LaFerrari but very few are actually able to source and supply them.

And we hold in stock vehicles with around £15million.

If you’re looking to buy and invest we’ve got the older, classic cars

And your customers craving snazzy supercars?

People wanting to purchase an exclusive vehicle, like LaFerrari, will come to us and we will source it.

When they’ve got the car and want to sell it, rather than being given a really low price by the dealer, we will take the hassle out of it all and offer the maximum price for minimum fuss.

We say:

This super sexy set of wheels in Ferrari’s signature scarlet shade gets your heart racing before you’ve even fired up the engine.

Its allure is almost impossible to resist - whether you’re the motor-mad type or simply clueless about cars.

Very, nearly, almost, because with a price tag of £2.5million, you’ll need to be a Canary Wharf worker with cash to splash to drive this beauty home.

With its angular form, chic steering wheel and embossed seats its the sleek piece of eye candy that you first clap eyes on in a Prindiville showroom stocked with a handful of motors boasting supercar status.

After putting down the pedal, switching LaFerrari’s gently purring engine to a roar, adrenaline levels accelerate to the max.

The sheer buzz that’s created in just a millisecond lasts for hours.

You’ll find yourself re-playing the journey spent in the low level seat over in your mind.

Whether you left the towers of Canary Wharf and iconic Billingsgate Market in a blur as the speedo soared, felt the wind whip through your hair as you cruised on the motorway or attracted a swarm of attention when parking up in E14, it’s a drive you’ll want to make again and again.

Those in the know will appreciate the smooth driving style, nimble steering and streamlined form which means manoeuvres like overtaking are a dream.

For the fashion-conscious, the price tag might well be worth paying just to secure the celebrity-like status you’ll attract when pulling into Canary Wharf.

Think a Kim Kardashian-style media frenzy and you’ll be along the right lines.

Thought stylish car-buyers may find they slightly struggle with space.

While the two seats offer plenty of leg-room to enjoy the drive, the comfort factor means it’s a squeeze to cram anything bigger than a Cambridge Satchel down by your shoes.

Nevertheless LaFerrari’s style, status and on-road credentials could see it rocketing to the top of many a Christmas wish-list.

And if you’re an East Ender who has been very, very good this year, Santa Claus might just come good.

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