Fancy splashing your cash on a snazzy supercar with bespoke bodywork?

Or do you need to take the angst out of selling an Aston Martin?

Luxury global specialist Prindiville will soon offer the cream of the car crop to east Londoners as it reveals its second showroom at Limehouse Basin.

The sights and sounds of motors with a price tag of more than £1million will roll in on October 1.

This includes one of the few LaFerrari vehicles in Europe, oozing style with black on red colour scheme and scarlet interiors.

Founder Alex Prindiville said his brand’s brokerage, hire and sales of marques including Porsche and Lamborghini was an ideal fusion with the exclusive lifestyle facilities offered by its neighbour, Limehouse Marina Elite.

“It’s exclusive health with exclusive lifestyle so, the location is perfect really,” said Alex, of the site which will act as a sister to his Shoreditch base.

“The match works well and we felt it was a good synergy to open the showroom next door.

“A lot of our customers are based here and we sell to lots of City guys.

“There’s London City Airport nearby too, so the executives can fly in, I can pick them up and bring them down to the showroom, then they can get back to Switzerland.

“Inside you’ll find the most exclusive supercars which are available in the world and you’ll see a selection of cars you won’t see anywhere else.

“It’s just a selection of what we’ve got going on, and we’ll use it as a window

“It’s not like a conventional showroom, it’s more a beautiful art gallery with work on the walls.”

The work will be available to buy, and the fusion of fine art with luxury living and fashionable watch brands, is part of Prindiville’s aim to target the lives of those who own their supercars.

While around 10 car models will be on display there are about 100 more in storage.

Prindiville has three decades of experience in the luxury market with Ferrari, Aston Martin and Land Rover topping its most-wanted list.

The brand exports its products worldwide as well as offering personalisation.

It also provides storage options so buyers can safely stash their motor.

Alex said a rocketing number of City workers and Canary Wharfers had plumped for one of Prindiville’s classic motors as an investment.

“It’s a buoyant market,” he said. “When people buy a car from me I sit down with them and understand what it is they are looking for or trying to achieve. A lot say ‘I want to buy a supercar as an investment, but I don’t know which one to go for.’

“I’m not just here to sell a car – I want to understand what they are going to do with it.

“Classic cars have increased in value at a rate that outstrips any other investment in the last five years and investors have started to invest in them rather than wine.

“It’s a tangible product, wine just goes off – and cars you can have a glass of wine with it and take it out for the day. When you buy a Ferrari, it will always be what it is.”

But what if life on four wheels proves tiring?

Prindiville will also offer its helicopter, business jet or prestige boat hire services from its East End base.

Showroom is by appointment only, the launch event will start from 6pm on October 1 .