It’s the end of an era. No longer will I arrive at the estate, jaded, coffee cup in hand, confused as to why the car parks have overflowed and there are shiny vehicles all over the place.

The Motorexpo, the annual motoring show that’s been held here for nearly 20 years and repeatedly flummoxes me until a suspended car smothered in adverts jogs my memory, is no more.

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The Motorexpo and Canary Wharf have split up. Filed for divorce. Motorexpo got all the cars. Obvs.

I’m not a petrol head. I like driving. I like driving fast. I like a nice looking car. They get me from A to B, preferably with heated seats, and without me hurling from the travel sickness I never grew out of.

But I can’t tell you all about the brands. I don’t read about them. I don’t want my photo taken in the driving seat of a car that costs the same as an apartment.

To me, cars are functional, attractive things. So why am I so sad the Motorexpo has left us?

I have lived, loved, and worked in and around the Wharf for 15 years now.

Almost as long as the Motorexpo has been here. The car show has become part of the yearly landscape.

It’s odd to know I will no longer have the opportunity to take the mickey out of Clarkson clones.

I won’t be able to check my hair in a tinted window on the way into Cabot Place.

I won’t trip over a random Lamborghini outside the Jubilee Station. (Unless someone’s sat nav has gone awry).

Despite my annual gripes about visitors and vehicles clogging the place up, I will miss the beeping things.

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