It’s a car that will be aiming to travel faster than the speed of sound (that’s 761mph if you’re wondering) and Canary Wharf workers will get the first public view of it.

The Bloodhound Supersonic Car (SSC) will be unveiled at the East Wintergarden between Thursday, September 24 and Saturday, September 26.

The 135,000 thrust horsepower machine will be presented without its carbon fibre bodywork on one side, in order to show the car’s inner workings.

This includes the Rolls-Royce EJ200 jet engine in place as it will be when the Bloodhound SSC attempts to go faster than 800mph in 2016.

Visitors will also see the supercharged Jaguar V8 engine used to pump oxygen into the rocket.

The intricate carbon fibre, steel and alloy chassis will be on show as well as the complex internal skeleton of Bloodhound’s huge tail-fin and the completed cockpit where driver Wing Commander Andy Green will sit.

The Bloodhound Supersonic Car showing off

There will also be the Castrol Edge and Jaguar Bloodhound driving simulator, Castrol Edge virtual reality experience and plenty of experts on hand to chat to.

Project director Richard Noble said: “Public interest in Bloodhound is incredible and we simply can’t get enough people into our Bristol Technical Centre to satisfy demand.

“We realised too that we have a unique opportunity to show the car before its carbon fibre and titanium skins are fitted in place, so people can see the extraordinary engineering inside.

“This is a chance for us to share our plans for record-breaking in 2016 and announce some exciting new partnerships.

“With the car nearly complete our fund raising effort is now all about getting to South Africa and setting a new record in 2016.”

Bloundhound Expo, East Wintergarden, Bank Street, Thursday, September 24 to Saturday, September 26; 9am to 5pm (except Friday when it is until 8pm), free but ticketed,