The first past the post system can lead to a lot of non-contests when it comes to the general election but the drama is still immense.

Imagine life for figures like Lib Dems’ Danny Alexander. One minute whisked into Whitehall as Chief Secretary of the Treasury, the next (possibly) dumped by the electorate with no standing, status or job.

Or Douglas Alexander, another possible victim of the SNP surge. Years waiting in the wings to take over one of the three major officers of the land – Foreign Secretary – only to lose out on the red box when the summit is in sight.

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In east and south east London, no revolution stirs. As we reported before nominations closed, the biggest question mark was Tower Hamlets First. If they fielded candidates in the Tower Hamlets constituencies then Labour’s virtual monopoly would be under threat. But a lot has happened since then…

One of the shocks of election could be in Bermondsey and Old Southwark where Labour are trying to topple Lib Dem veteran Simon Hughes.

And another point of note will be the conduct of the polling and count in Tower Hamlets. Extra scrutiny (and police) will fall on the borough after the debacle of the voided mayoral elections last year. Read about it here.

Estimated local declaration times

Cities of London and Westminster: 2.30am

Bermondsey and Old Southwark: 3am

East Ham: 3.30am

West Ham: 3.30am

Lewisham East: 4am

Lewisham Deptford: 4am

Greenwich and Woolwich: 4am

Hackney South And Shoreditch: 4am

Poplar and Limehouse: 5am

Bethnal Green and Bow: 5am

Other highlights

Finchley and Golders Green: Declaration expected 5am

Margaret Thatcher’s former constituency of Finchley and Golders Green is currently tied between Labour and the Conservatives at 43% of the vote apiece according to the latest predictions.

Sheffield Hallam: Declaration expected 4.30am

This is Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg’s seat and he only has a narrow lead of three points ahead of Labour candidate Oliver Coppard.

South Thanet: Declaration expected 6am

With Nigel Farage promising to quit as UKIP leader is he isn’t re-elected this is one not to be missed. Craig Mackinlay, the Conservative party candidate, currently leads Farage by five points so the UKIP leader will be hoping for the “shy-kippers” to make their voices heard.

Thurrock: Declaration expected 3am

This is the result that is looking the hardest to call with Ukip and the Conservatives both tied on 32% of the vote while Labour is only one point behind on 31. A three-horse race if ever there was one.

Rochester and Strood: Declaration expected 5am

Mark Reckless won this seat for UKIP when he defected last year but he is on course to lose his seat to the Conservatives this time around.

Paisley and Renfrewshire South: Declaration expected 3am

Labour’s chief election strategist Douglas Alexander looks sure to lose his seat to the SNP if the polls are to be believed. He currently trails the SNP candidate by 12 points.

Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk: Declaration expected 4.30am

This was the only seat in Scotland to have been won by a Conservative MP but it’s squeaky bum time for John Lamont with just two points separating him and the SNP candidate, Pauline Stewart.

Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey: Declaration expected 5am

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander is set to be wiped out in his seat, currently trailing the SNP by 23 points.

Gordon: Declaration expected 5am

This seat is set to be won by former SNP leader Alex Salmond. He currently leads by 13 points.

10 seats too close to call

Finchley and Golders Green – Con-Lab – 5am

Stockton South Con-Lab – 3am

Harrow East – Con-Lab – 4am

Norwich North – Con-Lab – 4.30am

Ealing Central and Acton – Con-Lab – 5am

Northampton North – Con-Lab – 2am

Hornsey and Wood Green – Lab-Lib Dem – 3am

Peterborough – Con-Lab – 3am

Leeds North West Lab-Lib Dem – 4.30am

Thurrock – Con-Ukip-Lab – 3am