I was chatting with our receptionist on Monday. She’s already the mum of a three-year-old and now she is desperate to have another baby.

The reason? Not the most obvious. She wants to experience what it’s like to breastfeed.

In her own words she doesn’t feel like a proper mummy having not managed to offer that particular service for various reasons to her first born.

What seems to be making matters worse for her is seeing the latest batch of celebrity mothers flaunting the fact they can, with the en vogue breastfeeding selfie trend.

From actress Blake Lively posting subtle selfies of her six-month-old daughter James feeding in a tropical paradise to Mayim Bialik advocating the extension of breastfeeding and attachment parenting by posting images of herself nursing her three-year-old son on a New York City subway, social media is awash with images of babies feasting on their celebrity mums’ boobs.

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So along with not putting on any excess weight during pregnancy and returning to a super-toned body within hours of giving birth, it’s now de rigueur to breastfeed – and let the world know about it.

It’s little wonder then that “real” women feel constantly under pressure, even at a stage in their lives when they should simply be allowed to be.

When I had Master A I was encouraged by the hospital staff and midwives to breastfeed. It wasn’t something I was particularly excited about, but I gave it a whirl. Did I feel pressured into making that decision?

Probably. But when you’re a first-time mum, you follow the rules. It didn’t work for either of us so after a week Master A went onto SMA. In truth, I think we were both relieved.

I’ve never once regretted not being able to come up with the goods and I certainly don’t carry any guilt about it. I don’t judge those who do or those who don’t. It’s what works for you and your child.

The fact Master A is a healthy seven-year-old and has an obsession with bottoms kind of says it all.

Working Mum, so happy not to be having to worry about such things again.