I’m a sucker for an online personality test, like the ones that determine where in the world I’m most suited to live or the animal I’m most likely to be reborn as.

That’s why when I read about a new online test that determines if working from home suits your personality, I was straight on the iPad to try it out.

I don’t know whether there’s a Mars-Venus conjunction or a particular malevolent Chinese fighting star orbiting but these past few weeks have seen me at odds with quite a few of my work colleagues.

Normally, I’m the one who defuses office strife, calms tempers, blunts barbed comments and snide asides. But now I’m at loggerheads with one, barely speaking to several others and generally irritated by the rest.

It’s got to the point where I’m dreading going to work, getting in that lift up to the 34th floor, and then having to pretend that I’m vaguely interested in what anyone has to say to me.

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The habits of some of my colleagues are also beginning to grate. Like the one who insists on guessing which daily take-out I’ve gone for each time I return from my lunchtime escape to Cabot Place or the one who sucks his teeth, making a sound like a weasel, at the end of every word.

The online calculator seemed a much-needed distraction from these irritants.

Designed by TG Escapes in association with top psychologist Robert Stewart the online tool works out whether working from home is for you by just answering a few psychological questions based on different categories.

While some thrive water cooler gossip and tucking into Hummingbird Bakery cupcakes to celebrate Chantal’s birthday, others are happy to eschew the morning commute in favour of working in the peace, quiet and solitude of their own home.

After taking the short quiz, where I found the most challenging question to be “Would you prefer to travel in a fighter jet or in a cable car?”, my overall score revealed...

Well, let’s just say it didn’t come as any great surprise.