Would you sacrifice a few degrees in temperature to be done with this pesky rain. That’s the exchange that’s happening overnight (Friday-Saturday).

There are a number of bonfire and fireworks nights event around the capital and the chances are they will all avoid the dampening effect of the rain.

However, the temperatures will dip into single figures and by the time you’re watching the catherine wheels and chomping on a hot dog it will be down to 5C-6C, markedly colder that Friday’s temperatures which are clinging on to double figures in the rain.

The picture is similar for the rest of the south east with cloud and temperatures around 5C-6C during the evening.

The BBC Weather Service says : “Fog and frost lifting and feeling cold as winds freshen. Staying mainly dry with sunny spells. Chance of a shower later. Overnight frost in some places.”

Make sure you grab a spot by the fire.

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