If you’re in the mood to measure, the moon will appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter this evening – attaining the status of the supermoon .

Last time people gazed upon such luminosity in the night sky it was 1948, cinema audiences were at their peak, the population was about 47million and the price of a pint was 11d – about 5p.

And on November 24, 2034, they’ll be checking on beer prices at the Slug in 2016 because that’s the next time this intensity of supermoon comes around again.

That’s not to say supermoons are infrequent – the common-or-garden variety happens about half a dozen times a year and the next one after this is due on December 14.

The moon rises over the HSBC building in Canary Wharf , a day before the "supermoon" spectacle

The scientific reason for the supermoon is its “perigee” – the shortest distance between the Earth and the moon (221,525 miles) which occurs because of its elliptical orbit. This proximity happens at 11.23 this morning but, of course, you won’t be able to see the full moon until 5pm this evening.

The effect will be amplified by the “low-hanging moon” effect which is an optical illusion. Because it is close to the horizon it can be compared to objects like apartments, aeroplanes and trees and so has that "ET on a bike" impact.

Sighting this supermoon runs the usual London risks – it is likely to be cloudy and light pollution affects some of the spectacle – but, werewolves aside, it might be worth an "I was there" selfie.

The Witch of the Wharf says

Today’s supermoon will occur when the sun is in Scorpio and the moon is in its opposite sign of Taurus. These two heavyweights find it difficult to get along, with the intense energy of Scorpio jostling for supremacy against stability-craving Taurus.

This clash will produce a burst of energy that you can either embrace or oppose. We suggest you plump for the embrace option, otherwise there could be some serious struggle ahead.

What should I do?

The supermoon urges you to break free from toxic people in your life. The psychic vampires who drain you of energy, the frenemies who smile while stabbing you in the back.

Any relationships that are damaging you or holding you back need to be fully re-assessed. Don’t be afraid to cut all ties if you find that someone is not worth the time, effort, or stress they cause you.

For the Witch's full assessment, go to her website .