A decision on proposals for a cruise terminal at Enderby Wharf in Greenwich is set to be made on Tuesday, July 21.

We’ve set out the arguments for and against its approval below.

The cons

  • Pollution. This is a serious concern for many people objecting to the plans, with fears that the diesel generators used at the cruise terminal would worsen local pollution. Protesters and local politicians are calling for clean “shore-based power” to be used to power it instead.
  • Only three supporting letters have been lodged with Greenwich Council – compared to 117 objection letters.
  • The decision on the plans was put on hold pending an environmental impact assessment, yet opponents say nothing has changed regarding this and that concerns over nitrogen dioxide levels have not been addressed.
  • Increase in noise pollution from the cruise liners and increase in traffic from further residential provision and cruise liner customers.

The pros

  • It would bring further employment to the area. According to developers Westcourt Real Estate, the entire project would create almost 500 jobs
  • More homes will be built in the area. There are 477 homes proposed, with affordable housing provision also promised, although figures for this have not been made public.
  • Enderby House will be brought back to life. Between 1850 and the 1970s this building was where most of the world’s undersea telegraph and telephone cables were made.