It’s the website in every parent is now taking a keen interest, logging in for a daily fix, a place where they can say what they actually feel about parenthood.

Quora has become a sanctuary for those mums and dads who are looking for an outlet to share their true sentiments on what it’s like to be a parent. And let’s face it it’s not always a bed of roses.

A recent thread on the Q&A website titled “What it is like to regret having children?” has sent the parenting world into a frenzy, with many jumping on the wave admitting they preferred life pre-bambinos.

It’s a subject that many parents feel reluctant to talk about for fear of being labeled “ungrateful” or a “bad parent” but on the site, wearing a cloak of anonymity, mums and dads can spill the beans, open up about the stresses and strains of parenting in today’s society.

A trawl through the posts reveals just how tough many parents find raising their offspring, with many openly admitting they would like to go back to their life before children, to a time when the focus was on them, not their son or daughter.

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One father of a nine-year-old boy wrote on the thread: “I do love him. I just wish that someone else would be actually enjoying the process of raising him, since on an objective level, my own life is just markedly less enjoyable since he came along. That’s simple honesty.

“The best analogy would be that, instead of being yourself, you’re enacting a script, day in, day out, pretending to be enthusiastic about something you hate. It would wear you down. You’d long to break free of it and be yourself.”

Although I adore Master A and wouldn’t change anything about him or our situation there are times when I yearn to be myself again, to be that carefree and self-centred person I was before he joined me in this world.

It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only parent out there having those “bad” and “selfish” thoughts – and that I’m not alone in finding the job of parenting exhaustingly tough.

Working mum, just going for a lie down – oh, I forgot, I have a child.