Star Reading – Selena Gomez

She was supposed to be performing at The O2 on Friday (November 4) as part of her world Revival Tour but instead the perfectly formed Kill Em With Kindness singer Selena Gomez is back in the US battling her demons after cancelling with “anxiety and depression”.

And where those dark tormentors lurk our Witch Twitch isn’t scared to follow, with a giant spotlight thrown on a few home truths.

The Tarot reveals that living in the public eye is beginning to take its toll on the former Disney Channel starlet. And, although they don’t predict another Disney Princess, a la Britney, Demi, Miley, and Lyndsay getting creative with the scissors or taking on the role of crash test dummy in a pumpkin coach, they do show that Gomez needs to regroup and take some time out to enjoy her life.

What’s In A Name

Selina takes her name from the Greek Moon Goddess, a bewitching creature that rules the night, whose gravity regulates the Earth’s tides worldwide, triggering seed swelling, seed bursting and seed germination.

To be less cryptic, anyone – especially members of the opposite sex – who enter her orbit are captivated by her and never stand a chance against her magnetic pull.


On this subject, we’ve cast the runes and The Heart Wants What It Wants. Bieber Boy. In truth our little Cancerian fell deeply for the boy wonder and wanted the happy-ever-after ending. She is a Disney Princess after all.

She’s still struggling to come to terms with the break-up. Despite the swirling rumours that she is to be named in the Brangelina break-up, and Biebs putting on a peacock display with model Sofia Richie, our Twitch is not buying it.

Jelena have a “ting” and there’s a giant heavenly chess game being played to get them back together. Everyone else is simply a pawn in this chequered affair.

Behind The Mask

Our guides suggest that behind the cute persona lays a highly ambitious and tack-sharp businesswoman who in her quest for security will do what is needed to get the job done. She’s not going back to her childhood roots that saw her family struggling.

That’s even if that means firing those nearest and dearest to her – like momager Mandy Teefey, trading up boyfriends (it hasn’t done best pal Taylor Swift any harm) or taking off her kit to promote a new album.

A word of caution for our little Witch of Waverly Place though: Where Mammon rules, true love cannot survive.

Inner Secret

The Tarot shows the Good For You Singer dreams of changing the world and wants to be known for her courage and original ideas.

Despite already being a global superstar with millions in the bank from box office and album sales, it’s still very early days for this 24-year-old. She has a long journey in front of her with some surprising career moves along the way.

The stars see her Mexican heritage informing this – and when it finally comes it won’t be a wave but a Tsunami.

Is this message for you

Sue: Watch your footing on the escalator. I see a heel becoming a drama.

Dave: It’s better to lose a battle in order to win the war. Move on.

Claire: When he tells you nothing happened he’s lying. It’s been going on for two years.

Chris J: Check in the bottom of your sports bag for the key you’ve misplaced

RH: Taking a stroll at lunchtime to Jubilee Place this week will bring you luck. Don’t ask how. Just do it.

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What's a partnership rune?

The Runes are an ancient system of guidance and self-counselling. An Oracle that points your attention to where it needs to focus.

This week you need to look closely at a partnership. Whether it’s in a love relationship or in business matters, the advice is to remain true to yourself, to not disappear into the union. Every great partnership is made up of the individuals.

Partnership rune