Time to start blocking out those Christmas holidays in the diary and scheduling those festive parties.

And for those who need a little extra help we can exclusively reveal that this year’s Christmas Day, December 25, falls on a…


Which means, logically, that Christmas Eve is a Thursday and Boxing Day is a Saturday . Monday, December 28 , therefore acts as the second Christmas Bank Holiday .

Unless there is a substantial disruption in our solar journeying it follows that New Year’s Eve is a Thursday (December 31 obvs) and New Year’s Day 2016 is a Friday – and a Bank Holiday. Which means TWO extra weekend days to recover from the festive blowout.

We envisage the offices of Canary Wharf deserted from Monday, December 21 to January 1 with things creeping back to normal around January 4, although the skiing fraternity may take that week to freshen up on the piste.

For members of the Calendar Nerds Club, of which we are proud members, the next time that Boxing Day falls on a Saturday, leading to a Bank Holiday Monday, is 2020.

Key dates in December
Key dates in December