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The selfie obsession has raised its game after Tom Daley managed to perfect his pose during a dive at the London Aquatic Centre in Stratford.

Tom, who won bronze medals for Team GB at the Olympic Games in both London and Rio de Janeiro, snapped the self portrait during a reverse rotation ‘gainer’ dive at the east London pool.

Video footage shows Tom, proudly showing his Olympic tattoo and Union Jack towel, climbing up to a diving board to get the perfect snap.

Tom then launches himself off the diving board backwards, somersaulting in mid air and taking constant selfies as he falls, before he gets out and has another go.

He said: “I love taking a selfie, so when the challenge arose to try and take one and capture myself mid dive, I obviously jumped at the chance.

Tom takes a photo as he dives backwards
Tom's selfie
Bronze medal winner Tom Daley

“It took a few attempts to perfect my dive, but after a few belly flop I got there.

“I have to say the final photos are easily some of my favourite diving shots ever.”

The sport star’s extreme selfies were taken as part of an advertising campaign for HTC's new mobile phone. The waterproof HTC U11 has a squeezable selfie function, which allows the camera app to launch by squeezing the phone.

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