An exact Lego replica of the latest MBNA Thames Clippers boat has gone on display at Legoland Windsor .

The model Mercury Clipper was built to scale of 1:50 of the real boat, and took a team of Legoland’s model makers over 67 hours to build.

Weighing in at 6.2kg and standing 76.2cm long, the boat is made of 6,500 plastic Lego bricks and even includes a mini captain, crew, lifejackets, commuters and tourists.

The boat is on display at the resort’s Miniland attraction , which includes the London Eye, the Canary Wharf Tower, City Hall and even the pigeons of Trafalgar Square.

MBNA Thames Clippers chief executive, Sean Collins, said: “With the largest fast commercial passenger fleet operating in London carrying over four million and vistors alike last year, we felt that it was time for us to appear alongside the other iconic London attractions in Miniland.

“The whole team is excited to see our new boat and captain immortalised in Lego.

Mercury Clipper

“We are committed to growing the river bus network in London and want as many commuters and visitors to realise the huge benefits in terms of speed, comfort and frequency of travelling by river in London.”

The 172-seater Mercury Clipper joined service on the Thames in July this year, after being built over 10 months on the Isle of Wight, and will be joined by its sister boat, Jupiter Clipper, in August.

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