A find by regular mudlark and artist Nicola White "woke up the whole of Greenwich" after police carried out a controlled explosion on the grenade she'd stumbled upon.

She made the discovery at around 8pm on Sunday, June 14, at Enderby Wharf and contacted officers who arrived to make the 70-year-old Mills Bomb safe.

Ms White, who often goes out searching for items on the banks of the Thames, posted on Facebook: "For all those of you in Greenwich who heard a very loud bang at about 9.30pm, it was the police bomb disposal unit detonating a grenade I stumbled across earlier this evening."

She also filmed the controlled explosion, below.

She wrote: "As it happens, I was having quite a military mudlarking finds-themed afternoon, having already found a couple of military buttons, and part of a cap badge, some bullets, and then there it was, something that looked suspiciously like a hand grenade.”

"I was very impressed with the police and the bomb disposal team, who got there in an instant. Very professional."

There was much reaction to the loud bang on Twitter with on resident commenting: "Big explosion! LOL woke most of #Greenwich up!"

Ms White runs Tide Line Art and has a particular interest in finding messages in bottles, having recovered more than 30 since 2011.

Police said officers were called at 8pm to reports that a grenade had been discovered and an explosion was carried out by ordnance experts from Scotland Yard at 9.33pm.