A week ago the suggestion of snow was in the air, with a few flakes swirling in the air. People huddled in scarves scurried to the Tube. A week on and it could be spring .

Forecasters are suggesting temperatures ranging from around 14C up to a possible 17C on Monday (February 20), a continuation of a weekend which saw people taking advantage of unseasonal conditions to get out and about. Normal February averages are around 7C.

West Ham footballers are currently in Dubai for warm weather training. Yet back home at their Rush Green training ground temperatures are likely to be higher putting Dubai and other foreign hotspots – like Greece and Saudi Arabia – in the shade.

It’s all down to a southwesterly airflow bringing a warm front from the Caribbean – with truly topical temperatures seen off by cloud cover.

Met Office forecaster Emma Salter said: “It’s looking like everywhere will have a mild start with most places in double digits.

“Temperatures will climb in the south to 16C, with a small chance of 17C in London.”

The temperatures should hold for most of the week before more typical temperatures returns. Spring officially starts on March 1.

Max temperatures (C)

  • Tuesday: 13
  • Wednesday: 12
  • Thursday: 11
  • Friday: 8
  • Saturday: 10
  • Sunday: 11