Come on, own up. Who has stolen a Wahaca spoon this year?

Nope, not me guvna.

Lies! 5,000 go missing each year. How about if we tell you that anyone who brings one in will get free tacos? - no questions asked.

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Free tacos? I like tacos.

Interesting ... So, the spoons?

Ok, sorry, I did - they’re just so pretty. Is this happening in Canary Wharf?

The terrace at Canary Wharf's Wahaca

Of course (we wouldn’t be drawing out this painfully pointless sketch otherwise).

Great, where?

Canada Square Park’s Wahaca (near the ice skating rink)

Are you sure they won’t tell me off?

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Yes, they have even put this blurb in their publicity leaflet.

“Hand your (well, technically our) spoon to your waiter when you arrive. Tuck into a plate of one of our new taco specials on us.

“Forgiveness and sense of redemption can’t be substituted for anything.”

Offer available all month.

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