Free virtual reality gaming and massages are part of a men’s health pop-up in Canary Wharf.

Charity One for The Boys has brought The Waiting Room to Jubilee Plaza to raise awareness of male cancer.

Anyone can drop-in to try the free, fun distractions which also include a FIFA Xbox, coffee from Lavazza, a shoe shine, and chance to check out the McLaren parked outside.

But the message behind the event is a serious one.

Men are 15% more likely to develop cancer and 36% more likely to die from it than women as their symptoms are not caught as early, according to Cancer Research.

And research by One for The Boys showed only 8% of men feel confident about recognising the signs of male cancer and that over 50% hold off going to the doctors until they feel so ill that it becomes an emergency.

The aim of the pop-up, presented by BGC Partners, is to highlight the signs to look out for and the dangers of waiting to seek medical help.

Founder of One For The Boys Sofia Davis said: “We know guys don’t like going to the doctor, so we’re bringing doctors to them in a more relaxed environment.”

Chairman of the charity Samuel L. Jackson said: “Us guys hate the idea of sitting around in waiting rooms and seeing doctors, but this Waiting Room looks to change those attitudes.

“It doesn’t matter how famous you are or how much money you have, cancer can affect anyone. This event isn’t about celebrity or posturing, it’s about real people and making a real change.”

Professor of clinical oncology at the Royal Marsden and Institute for Cancer Research Chris Nutting is offering advice and free check-ups for men in a screened off area.

He said: “About 180,000 men are diagnosed with cancer each year and 20% of cancer patients get diagnosed in the accident and emergency department.

“We are trying to raise awareness so men go to the doctor sooner, get a cure sooner and hopefully help save lives.

“For men aged 25-50 years the main cancers are of the throat, which can be a lump in the throat or difficulty swallowing, melanoma, a type of skin cancer where you get a black spot on your skin, lymphoma which causes swelling in your neck or underneath your arms, or bowel cancer which can cause a change in your bowel habit or blood in your motions.

“Men can sometimes find health problems embarrassing or inconvenient it can be difficult to get to the doctor if you are working and men can be quite disorganised about their health.”

He said men should be checking their bodies, including their testicles, every month.

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