Students from a school in east London met one of Britain’s highest profile businessmen who took a swipe at the conformity encouraged by curriculums.

Pupils at School 21 in Stratford got the chance to interview Virgin mogul Sir Richard Branson at the recent Virgin Disruptors event.

Students Zaid Zamakda,13, and Romina Valerio-Martinez, 14, interviewed Sir Richard and his son Sam Branson about the future of education. Sir Richard encouraged the students to take a gap year at 16.

The entrepreneur, who has made no secret of his lack of success at school, also hit out at attitudes towards education, claiming the system encouraged individuals to conform.

During the interview on Friday, October 2, he said: “Ultimately, it’s about encouraging young people to find their own education path.

“In this country, we still hold an outdated view of education and expect everyone to take the traditional path at school.

“Students are individuals, yet school curriculums encourage conformity.”