Rainbow playgroup is at risk of closure after it was moved due to an Eastend Homes development.

The move meant that the playgroup, now based at Grosvenor Wharf Road, lost its Ofsted accreditation and consequently its funding from the Government.

Above is a video made by the staff at Rainbow and below are reactions from parents and local politicans.

■ Mum Simona Bartocci said: “If Rainbow was to close there would be nowhere for us to go. When applying for here I was on a waiting list a year before – there are only three affordable childcare options in the area, including Rainbow.

“The children you can see are really happy here and Maureen is so fantastic.”

■ Mum Kayleigh Morris said: “My brother came here and he’s 30 years old now, so there’s a lot of history and loyalty.

“It’s a family. My daughter was so shy when she first came to Rainbow, but now, just the difference I see in her is amazing. I can’t even say how much they have helped her.”

■ Tower Hamlets mayor John Biggs said: “The organisation is important because, although it is small, it offers a real lifeline for local families and a place to meet friends and grow for local kids. Without the dedication offered in a centre like this the Island and the Borough would be a poorer place.

“I have asked EEH, which after all a landlord with a social purpose, to help the playgroup and they have. We need also to make progress with its permanent home.”

■ Canary Wharf ward councillor Andrew Wood said: “Sustainable development is meant to mean that the quality of life for new and existing residents stays the same or improves but development on the Isle of Dogs is tripling the population of my ward and removing much loved children’s facilities, that is not sustainable”.