One of the finalists in Level39’s Cognicity Challenge is on show in Reuters Plaza.

Pavegen - which creates flooring that harnesses the kinetic energy of footsteps - is showing off its technology in the square with pads that people can step on to light up lamps alongside.

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At the Level39 awards earlier this year, CEO and chairman of Canary Wharf Group, Sir George Iacobescu, said: “I think (Pavegen) could shape the future of renewable energy generation, with an enormous scope on helping the Canary Wharf district achieve sustainability, through lighting, HVAC [heating, ventilating and air conditioning], and endless applications.”

Canary Wharf receives a daily footfall of 100,000 commuters, meaning the public spaces within the district present a landmark opportunity for footfall data and renewable energy generation.

The Cognicity Challenge is a pioneering project set up by Canary Wharf Group, aiming to accelerate the growth of small and medium sized tech start-ups through mentoring from experienced business leaders.

The technology - which creates on average three joules per step depending on the weight of the step and the placement of the foot on the tile - is even backed by Stephen Hawking, who said: “This technology has the potential to radically change the way we source power in the future.”

Mr Kemball-Cook said: “With the support of Canary Wharf Group, we hope to become the ‘Intel inside’ for energy harvesting, with Pavegen technology on scale across all high-footfall locations around the world.”

The technology appeared in Canary Wharf on Tuesday, May 26.

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