A judge is expected to give his verdict this morning in the case against Tower Hamlets mayor Lutfur Rahman.

Before Easter, High Court heard a case from four voters who disputed the mayoral elections. They presented witnesses who spoke of intimidation and ballot rigging. The mayor denied the allegations.

Election Commissioner Richard Mawrey - who sat as a judge - will decide this morning whether to declare the May 2014 election void and order a re-run. He will also rule on whether Mr Rahman should be banned from office, should the verdict go against him.

Mr Mawrey is due to deliver a ruling today after analysing evidence over several weeks at an Election Court trial in London earlier this year.

The four voters mounted a challenge under the provisions of the Representation Of The People Act and was heard in a case that lasted nearly two months.

The Electoral Commission has said that it has been following the case and will “learn any lessons”. The count on the night was beset by delays and confusions while allegations were made that votes were tampered with, voters intimidated and the process flawed.