Friends of mine have recently returned from a trip to New York. While over there they picked up a copy of the American publication that features the story of the celebrity husband and father who is reported to have been indulging in threesomes with another couple.

A draconian law has meant that the press in the UK cannot identify the name of the celebrity because he has taken out an injunction, effectively a gagging order.

This is despite the story being widely reported in other countries, across social media sites – and even a hop, skip and jump away in Scotland where the gagging order does not apply

The celebrity couple have used their children as the reason why they do not want the story to be revealed in the media, wanting to protect them from the negative publicity surrounding the revelation.

I find it totally distasteful when this particular “card” is played in cases where one or other of the parents has been caught with their pants down.

It’s an easy option for someone who has money, a Get Out Of Jail Free card which, quite frankly, makes a mockery of our legal system and, more importantly, the role of a parent.

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In this case, I wonder what consideration the father paid to his children when he opted to enjoy a threesome, potentially jeopardising his family unit in pursuit of his own pleasure?

I understand children should be spared from seeing the details of a parent’s extra marital sexual encounters splashed across tabloids but far better there was nothing to report in the first place. No fire, no smoke.

Fortunately, the children in this case are young and so it is unlikely they will understand what is going on even if it was reported in the UK media. If history is anything to go by, the injunction will not survive very long.

Life is about choices and if, like this celebrity dad, one chooses to put his own needs and desires before that of his family, then he should face the consequences not use his children as a shield to hide behind.