The planned 24-hour Tube strike will definitely go ahead.

Negotiations broke down when the TSSA and RMT unions, representing drivers and station staff respectively, both turned down a last-minute offer from London Underground bosses.

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The offer is said to have included a 2% wage increase in exchange for working shifts in the early hours, with a lump sum of £500 for those staff who will be affected.

According to the BBC, rail staff were sent a letter from London Underground chief operating officer Steve Griffiths, which said the deadline for talks was set for 6.30pm on Monday, July 6.

It read: “I have made this offer, as I firmly believe that providing you with certainty on your pay is the right thing to do.

“We are not asking staff to work unlimited nights and weekends. Most of you will not be affected at all by Night Tube when it’s launched in September.”

But RMT general secretary Mick Cash said the move was divisive.

He said: “While a small minority of staff are being offered a non-consolidated one-off lump sum the remainder of staff are ignored and the key issues of work-life balance and the personal health and safety concerns are sidelined.”

TSSA general secretary Manuel Cortes said: “This dispute is not just about pay but about how to run a safe and secure night Tube that serves the passengers as well as rewarding the staff.

“That service cannot be imposed top down. It has to be negotiated around the table with the staff who will be expected to deliver it.”

TfL has advice for those travelling on the day.