Voters should have to provide identification forms at polling stations in Tower Hamlets, according to a report submitted to the Government.

An investigation into electoral fraud in the borough looks to be nearing an end as the returning officer has submitted his evidence to Sir Eric Pickles’ ongoing review and made a series of recommendations to restore faith in the electoral process.

The report, led by outgoing council returning officer John Williams, looks at the history of concerns surrounding electoral malpractice dating back to the 2012 local elections, in which several allegations were looked at by police but contained insufficient evidence for further action.

The report also looks at safeguards adopted following public concerns about the mayoral election of 2014, which was successfully challenged in an election court this year. New measures were adopted in 2015 parliamentary and mayoral elections.

Recommendations in the report include a requirement to produce a form of identification at the polling station and guidance to ensure voters use their normal signatures on a postal or proxy ballot, even if not in English script.

It also suggested guidance for candidates and agents to make sure that if they allege fraud, they should be prepared for a police interview in order to ensure the allegations are legitimate.

The Government’s review will be collecting submissions from a range of sources and considering all recommendations made to it.